Monday, October 4, 2010

First entry

This being the beginning, I should take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am a resident of Melbourne, Australia; an afictionado of literature and theatre; a student of the French language; and as of late a mad Linux user - I am others things, too, but at this particular moment I can't recall them. I intend to dedicate my blog to my experiences with Linux, particularly the Ubuntu distribution; but I will discuss other distributions when I get a taste for them. In addition, I will cover my experiences with Microsoft and Mac, since those operating systems are unavoidable. My research for the company Clockwork PC will afford me a wealth of material to draw on. So I will treat you to the left overs -- good ones, I assure you; for I am a first-rate left-over chef.

Not that I expect too many readers here. No, no, I disclaim such ambition. I am sure you have more important things to attend to -- like Youtube and Facebook. And I respect that. But should you come here, do make yourself at home, and I hope you have an enjoyable time.

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