Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking Puppy for a walk

In my last post I described the somewhat involved process of setting up Puppy. The difficulty in configuring this lightweight distribution doesn't lie in the lack of tools - on the contrary, Puppy is well-equiped; but interpreting it is another matter. For instance, in setting up wireless, after pressing the 'Connect' button on the desktop, I was fooled into clicking on the symbol that looked like wireless instead of that with the text 'Connect to network or LAN' - after all, it wasn't a LAN I wanted, it was wireless. In short, all this is to say I was silly enough to press the wrong button. Wireless now connected, I was away surfing the internet. My first victory.

Making the sound work was another challenge. According to ALSA sound wizard, the native program which configures your sound card, everything was working fine; the problem was at my end. But all the same, I couldn't hear anything when I played mp3 files. Back to the web then for a solution.

Sound cracked - headphones and speakers not playing at the same time - aha! Here it is! No sound. Some chap on the forum had the same complaint as I. Scrolled down, I found the solution. Open up a menu, click a few buttons there, turn up the volume - everything was in order now. So I played 'Pauvre Lola', a cover of Serge Gainsbourg. Everything fine.

Next problem was how to make the sound come out of the headphones, not just the speakers. And that is not to mention a host of other minor problems - well, they shall be settled in due course, but not in this post.

Otherwise, I am very happy with Puppy; it performs as advertised. Fast, lightweight. It has made for a happy user at my end - and there is much tinkering to be done, including installing the premium-quality programs from various repositories - that is, the places where you can download anything you want.

I'll describe more about Puppy anon - is it a coincidence that it is a dog-day afternoon?

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