Thursday, October 7, 2010

Victory for Internet Explorer

On some machines you've no choice but to use Internet Explorer -- this one, for instance. The circumstance is an annoying one, for there are many features of Firefox, or Chromium for that matter, which are unavailable on Microsoft's version.

On the sly I downloaded Firefox on this computer; but its installation was disabled, for running '.exe' files, including that of the Firefox set up, was blocked by the 'administrator'. As Internet Explorer is the standard browser on many machines, one has to put up with it, dunce program though it is.

However, I had an idea, not yet tested, that might allow me to use my preferred Linux operating system, secretly if you will, so that I might have my way without effecting changes to the host computer -- the idea: use a Live USB. That is, I would install Linux on a USB stick, bundled with my programs and files, and run it on public machines like this one; I should only have to reboot. Everything would be swell. But perhaps the person in charge of the computer would take a dim view of my freedom -- such people restrict access to everything in order to minimise harm, not caring about my chagrin.

My idea, then, might be frustrated before I even get the chance of testing it. Microsoft wins. Sorry, Tux.

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