Thursday, October 28, 2010

Puppy won't come out and play

For a while I've been itching to play with Puppy Linux, a lightweight distribution which runs fast and works well on legacy machines. There were, however, problems.

My first step was to download the ISO of Lucid Puppy, which has all the files needed for installation. Next I created a Live USB, that is, one which allows you to boot into Puppy from any computer with the USB docked - after you tell the BIOS you want to boot from the USB and not the hard drive, if it hasn't already so made up its mind already.

On my booting the machine, however, no Puppy operating system was to be seen. But the solution was merely a matter of putting in a command to the terminal, 'sudo apt-update GRUB'. This allows you to choose Puppy when booting up. So, on my next boot, the choice of operating systems appeared, although it called Puppy 'Unknown Linux operating system'. Well, I know what that is, even if my computer doesn't!

And voila! The Puppy system was right in front of me. However, on attempting to connect to the internet, I ran into trouble. The system didn't detect my wireless card, and I've no idea how to configure it. One can't get very far without a connection.

So I am waiting for someone in the Puppy discussion forum to lend me a helping paw. Then maybe Puppy and I will take a walk into the sunset and play ball.

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