Friday, October 29, 2010


The subject of this post might seem incongruous with that of this blog - but I can scarcely contain myself, I'm so excited. Passing by a house, I stopped at a garage sale, prominently displayed in front of which was a type-writer - a 70s model, by my estimation. It had a blue case, and gave a good punch on your pressing the keys. I didn't hesitate at buying it - for only $15.

Instantly my imagination opened up to all the uses to which I could put this new machine. As a writer, I could lug it around to cafes or parks, then write documents in the sunshine. The simultaneous word-processing and printing would make for fast and effectual proof-reading - editing a document from an LCD screen will not do for my exacting standards. Moreover, I shan't have to worry about finding an external printer, and friends'can instantly see what I've been working on - on paper!

The machine sounds great, doesn't it?

You needn't worry about power supply or finding power points to which the machine will be connected - the typewriter rather is human-powered. Nor does the machine know anything like booting-up time, not that this is a problem on a Linux machine.

A happy side-effect perhaps is having a vintage chic accessory that people shall gape at. Oh, I am filled with glee!

A for Puppy Linux, I am still happy with it, but I should like to see my task bar again, which disappeared when I was tinkering with themes on my desktop. The touchpad configuration isn't working either; but you can't have everything, I suppose.

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